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About Arts n’ Crafts

I can still recall how I felt that day, now over 30 years ago, when I had my first piece of writing accepted for publication. Thrilled wasn’t the word; I became positively giddy when the editor called. I had recently been laid off from my… Read More

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Something New

Sustained concentration takes a lot out of you, especially when your project gets derailed at the end. (See “Goal Digger, 3/1/17)  Buoyed by the promise of a rescheduled museum exhibition  in the near future, I have now hung “Busted” in my studio in my own… Read More

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A Goal Digger

I really hate winter; January and February are blah no matter where you live, and March isn’t much better. Here in South Texas, weather varies, wildly, from 85 degrees to 19 degrees, with tornadoes and wind and rain and sleet in between, sometimes all in… Read More

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